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Our prices are competitive and fixed. We have chosen a pricing structure based on price per person instead of a fixed price per escape room. We want to make it easy and accessible for everyone to try our exciting activities, whether you are a small or large group. Our focus is always to deliver a great experience at a competitive price.

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How much do Escape Rooms generally cost?

Escape room prices vary from provider to provider. It is therefore important to take into account that Escape Rooms are not the same, but that there is a big difference - just as a car is not just a car, but that there can be a big difference in quality and thus also price. At Locked, we focus on giving our guests the best possible experience, while at the same time offering value for money! That's why our Escape Rooms don't just consist of one or two rooms, but a minimum of three rooms. We focus 100% on the overall experience, which means that already in the lobby at Locked, you'll feel the special Locked atmosphere. We want to be Denmark's best Escape Room, and therefore we optimize and further develop our concept in cash, so that it will be exciting to visit us many times.