Locked Escape Room Themes

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Locked Escape Room Themes


"You have volunteered to be test subjects at the hospital, as you have unfortunately been infected with the terrible zombie virus. Scientists have been working for a long time to find an antidote, but without success - at least until now... because the vaccine that has been tested on you seems to work! Meanwhile, the entire community has collapsed and the hospital is now overrun with zombies.
It's now up to you and your group to escape."

The theme 'The Undead' can be booked in all our branches. 

Locked Escape Room Themes


"In recent months, several women have been found murdered and abandoned at rest stops. You and your police team have been stumped, but you've just received an anonymous tip. The tip leads you to a crime scene that turns out to hold a terrible secret..."

The theme 'Crime Scene' can be booked in Aarhus, Odense, Herning, Kolding and Randers.

Locked Escape Room Themes


"The Zodiac is back. You are trapped by the serial killer and escape is your only chance of survival. Can you and your group escape the Zodiac's hideout in time? You have 60 minutes to escape so you don't end up slaves in paradise."

The 'Zodiac' theme can be booked in Aarhus and Herning.

Locked Escape Room Themes


"You wake up in a dark basement. Clotted blood sticks to your hair and only a faint red light spreads in a small basement room. You try to take a step into the room, only to find that your right hand is restrained by handcuffs. In the corner of the room you see a digital clock that starts counting down from 60 minutes - the game is on and the fight for survival has begun..."

The 'Kidnapped' theme can be booked in Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Roskilde, Kolding, Randers and Holstebro. 

Locked Escape Room Themes


"You and your fellow inmates' criminal past has finally landed you in prison. Unfortunately, you've also landed in the private prison 'Willoway', a notoriously bad place with poor conditions where prisoners are mistreated for profit. But there might be a chance to escape... if you're willing to take it."

The theme 'Prison Break' can be booked in Odense and Herning.

Locked Escape Room Themes


"You and your unit have been tasked with locating and collecting three special graphite rods from the abandoned test center near Chernobyl. The graphite rods are crucial to determining exactly what caused the accident over 30 years ago, but the Ukrainian military is on to you, and they're certainly not interested in you snooping around the quarantine area..."

The 'Chernobyl' theme can be booked in Kolding and Randers. 

Locked Escape Room Themes


"The year is 1943 - You and your freedom fighter group are imprisoned by the German Wehrmacht. However, you have deliberately allowed yourselves to be captured because you want to gain insight into German military secrets. Your task is therefore first to escape from prison, then to obtain information about German military posts in and around Randers and finally to pass this information on to your British allies so that they can bomb the targets you designate!"

The theme 'Sabotage' can be booked in Randers. 

Locked Escape Room Themes


"The police have just arrested one of Denmark's biggest drug lords. After the arrest, however, he laughed mockingly and wished you good luck... A time bomb will go off in 60 minutes and remove all evidence! Your task is therefore to quickly and efficiently secure the evidence and disarm the bomb - which seems to be more complicated than that."

The theme 'S.W.A.T' can be booked in Holstebro. 

Locked Escape Room Themes


"You are secret agents on a critical mission to stop the private security firm, Alpha Security, from selling state secrets around the world. Agent Helena Kane has been undercover at the security firm and has laid out the plan for you to break through their security systems and surveillance. She's gotten you a window in an hour. Time is short!"

Temaet ‘Undercover’ kan bookes i Aarhus, Aalborg, Herning, Roskilde og Horsens.


Locked Escape Room Themes


"You wake up chained in a dark tiled room. Suddenly a TV turns on and a mysterious doll appears. You are part of a game - a game of survival..."


The theme 'Jigsaw' can be booked in Herning.


Our Escape Rooms are designed to challenge even the sharpest minds! Escape Rooms are a great activity for families, friends and colleagues alike. It's also possible to get clues during the game, ensuring that everyone has a great experience.



Our Scare Factor indicates how scary a room is. At LOCKED, we have both suspenseful and scary rooms. A Scare Factor above 80% is only recommended for people who like thrills and chills.


All of our Escape Rooms are great, so simply choose the theme you find most exciting. Collaboration is the key to success and an essential part of all our Escape Rooms. However, in general, the better a group is at working together, the better they perform. 

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