Aarhus C

Aarhus' largest escape room

- 8 escape rooms right in the center of Aarhus

In Aarhus we have a total of 8 Escape Rooms in 5 different themes: The Undead, Crime Scene, Kidnapped, Zodiac and Undercover. You can read more about our Escape Room themes at the bottom of the page.
LOCKED is located right by the Central Station and is Aarhus' largest Escape Room with over 500 m2.

Pricing (LOW)

Escape Room price

5-6 people = 175 kr. / person

4 people = 200 kr. / person

3 persons = 225 kr. / person

2 persons = 250 kr. / person

+6 people = 2 Escape Rooms


Pricing (PEAK)

Escape Room price

5-6 people = 199 kr. / person

4 people = 245 kr. / person

3 persons = 275 kr. / person

2 persons = 300 kr. / person

+6 people = 2 Escape Rooms


Opening hours

See available times in the booking system below

Søndag – Onsdag:  (Low-priser)

Thursday: (Mixed pricing)

Friday: (Mixed pricing)

Saturday: (Peak prices)

Our prices start from 175 kr/person. - Prices vary depending on whether you want to visit us at the most popular times or if you choose to visit us at one of the less popular times.



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Escape Room Aarhus
Escape Room Aarhus


"You have volunteered to be test subjects at the hospital, as you have unfortunately been infected with the terrible zombie virus. Scientists have been working for a long time to find an antidote, but without success - at least until now... because the vaccine that has been tested on you seems to work! Meanwhile, the entire community has collapsed and the hospital is now overrun with zombies.
It's now up to you and your group to escape."

Escape Room Aarhus


You are secret agents on a critical mission to stop private security company Alpha Security from selling state secrets around the world. Agent Helena Kane has been undercover at the security firm and has laid out the plan for you to break through their security systems and surveillance. She's got you a window in an hour. Time is running out!

Escape Room Aarhus


"In recent months, several women have been found murdered and abandoned at rest stops. You and your police team have been stumped, but you have just received an anonymous tip. The tip leads you to a medical clinic in the center of Aarhus, which turns out to be hiding a terrible secret..."  

Escape Room Aarhus


"The Zodiac is back. You are trapped by the serial killer and escape is your only chance of survival. Can you and your group escape the Zodiac's hideout in time? You have 60 minutes to escape so you don't end up slaves in paradise."

Escape Room Aarhus


"You wake up in a dark basement. Clotted blood sticks to your hair and only a faint red light spreads in a small basement room. You try to take a step into the room, only to find that your right hand is restrained by handcuffs. In the corner of the room you see a digital clock that starts counting down from 60 minutes - the game is on and the fight for survival has begun..."


Contact us


Ny banegårdsgade 45, Aarhus C

Frequently asked questions


Can children participate?

Yes, children can participate with adults. However, the atmosphere in our Escape Rooms can be a bit dark and there may be theatrical blood (depending on the theme). We don't have a minimum age for children, but we recommend that children are at least 10 years old when accompanied by adults.

However, without adult participants on the team, children must be at least 15 years old.

Can we have a maximum of 6 people?

Yes and no - you can have a maximum of 6 people in an Escape Room, so if you are, for example, 7 people, simply split into two teams. We have several identical Escape Rooms, so you can compete directly against each other.

What language is it in?

The game is in English but with Danish subtitles on the video elements that appear.

About LOCKED Escape Room Aarhus

At LOCKED, we are one of the leading providers of escape room experiences in Aarhus. We have a total of 8 Escape Rooms and offer five exciting themes: Undead, Kidnapped, Crime Scene, Zodiac and Undercover. Each theme is carefully designed to challenge and entertain our guests in different ways.

Escape rooms are an activity that has become increasingly popular in Denmark in recent years. If you're looking for something fun and different to do with your friends in Aarhus, an escape room experience at LOCKED is the perfect choice!

What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are a fun and challenging activity where you and your team must work together to solve tasks and puzzles either to get out of a room or alternatively a specific mission must be solved - both within 60 minutes. It's an exciting and entertaining experience with a focus on teamwork and is therefore perfect for both friends and families (children are recommended to be +10 years old and accompanied by adults). Our escape rooms are also a great team building exercise for the workplace.

What do we offer in Aarhus?

At LOCKED we offer 5 different themes, each of which is unique and challenging. "Undead" is about surviving a zombie apocalypse. "Kidnapped" requires you to escape your kidnapper. "Crime Scene is about solving a crime. "Zodiac requires you to escape from a serial killer's hideout. In Undercover, you must infiltrate a security company and hide some important documents. All themes are carefully designed to challenge and entertain our players in different ways.

Why choose LOCKED in Aarhus?

LOCKED is Aarhus' largest Escape Room and has a total of 520 m2 of space. We currently have 8 Escape Rooms, but we are expanding in the spring of 2024 with 1 additional room, so we will have a total of 9 Escape Rooms divided into 6 themes. At LOCKED, we also focus on the overall experience, as we believe that the experience should start from the moment you walk in the front door. We have therefore put a lot of energy into our reception and lounge areas, as we believe it is crucial to ensure the right atmosphere and setting for our guests.

Other activities in Aarhus:

If you are looking for a quieter activity in Aarhus, consider visiting ARoS Art Museum(https://www.aros.dk/), Den Gamle By (/dengamleby.dk/) or Moesgaard Museum (https://www.moesgaardmuseum.dk/). In addition, Aarhus is also known for its cozy parks and, for example, the greenhouses in the Botanical Gardens(https://sciencemuseerne.dk/botanisk-have/).

In general, there are many exciting activities in Aarhus that you can explore depending on your interests and preferences, and we at LOCKED are proud to be ranked at the very top of all these activities.


Spændende oplevelser i Aarhus' bedste escape room

Escape Room oplevelser har for alvor vundet indpas i Danmarks underholdningslandskab, og byen Aarhus er ingen undtagelse. Disse interaktive spil udfordrer deltagerne til at løse gådefulde mysterier og opgaver, hvilket kræver teamwork og ikke mindst kreativ tænkning.

Hvad er Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms er en form for fysisk eventyrspil, hvor deltagerne indespærres i et tematisk rum og må bruge elementer af rummet til at finde spor, løse gåder og opklare mysterier for at opnå deres frihed inden for en tidsramme. Det kræver samarbejde, problemløsningskompetencer og en høj grad af observationsevne for at dekryptere de skjulte beskeder og sammenhænge, der binder historien og de forskellige puzzles sammen.

Denne form for underholdning er bygget på fundamentet af teamwork og logisk tænkning, hvor hvert enkelt teammedlem bidrager med deres unikke perspektiver og færdigheder. Immersionen i spillet intensiveres af den realistiske atmosfære og nøje designede scenografi, der omslutter deltagerne i en anden virkelighed.

Definition og popularitet

Escape Rooms betragtes som interaktive oplevelser, hvor fiktive scenarier møder løsning af komplekse gåder i den virkelige verden.

Tilskrivelsen af Escape Rooms’ oprindelse ledes ofte tilbage til videospil.

Populariteten af Escape Rooms har eskaleret exponentielt; de bliver brugt til både teambuilding, underholdning og som en alternativ læringsplatform for kritisk tænkning.

Konceptet har fundet solid forankring i Aarhus’ kulturliv, og byens største Escape Room er i dag LOCKED med hele 8 escape rooms lokaliseret lige i centrum ved Aarhus Banegård.

Top Escape Room-oplevelser i Aarhus

I Aarhus’ hjerte findes LOCKED escape rooms, som tilbyder en bred vifte af escape rooms. Her bliver intellektuelle evner sat på prøve i spændende scenarier, som pirrer sanserne og intellektet.

Hver escape room oplevelse er unikt skræddersyet, og indeholder en unik historie som (forhåbentligt) kulminerer i en triumf af teamwork.

Tematisk variation

LOCKED Escape Room i Aarhus tilbyder en mangfoldighed af temaer, der spænder bredt over forskellige genrer og tidsaldre.

  1. The Undead – Et zombie escape room inspireret af serien The Walking Dead.
  2. Crime Scene – Kan du opklare mordsagen?
  3. Kidnapped – Gyser escape room inspireret af gyserfilmen Saw.
  4. Undercover – Et familievenligt break in escape room.
  5. Zodiac – Et escape room inspireret af true crime.

Disse temaer garanterer en intens og medrivende oplevelse for alle deltagere.

Denne tematiske rigdom sikrer, at hvert besøg kan tilbyde en ny og uforudsigelig udfordring.

Uanset om man er tilbøjelig til at løse mordmysterier eller navigere i dystopiske fremtider, står Aarhus’ Escape Rooms klar til at udfordre og begejstre.

Unikke udfordringer

I Aarhus finder man Escape Rooms med opgaver, der er skabt for at udfordre enhver deltagers intellekt og kreative tænkning. Hver opgave er sirligt udformet til at supplere rummets tema og narrative. Deltagerne må udnytte alle deres evner for at tyde kryptiske spor og løse opgaver, der både er logisk udfordrende og tematisk forankrede.

Hvert Escape Room er et minutiøst designet univers, som præsenterer gåder i flere lag. Disse er ikke blot isolerede hovedbrud, men elementer af en større historie, som tager deltagere på en rejse gennem rummets narrativ. Skabere af disse rum har en exceptionel forståelse for, hvordan man fletter logiske og narrative tråde sammen, hvilket resulterer i gåder, der ikke kun appellerer til logik, men også til følelser og sanser. Deltagerne bliver ikke bare udfordret intellektuelt; de bliver fordybet i en omfattende, sammenhængende fortælling.

Innovationen strækker sig også til de mekanismer og teknologier, der anvendes i rummene. Deltagerne kan forvente en blanding af traditionelle låse og nøgler, avanceret teknologi, fysisk udfoldelse og eventuelt skuespil fra arrangørernes side. Alt sammen med det formål at skabe en oplevelse fyldt med variation og uforudsigelighed, der udfordrer deltagerne til at tænke ud af boksen.

Disse Escape Rooms i Aarhus anerkender betydningen af at være nytænkende og originale. LOCKED stræber generelt efter at udvikle oplevelser som styrker sammenholdet, og vi garanterer en god oplevelse.

Vælg det rigtige Escape Room

Når du skal vælge det rette Escape Room i Aarhus, er det essentielt at overveje både tematik og sværhedsgrad. Hvert rum har sin unikke atmosfære og narrativ, som skal resonere med deltagergruppens interesser. Vurdér desuden rummets logiske opbygning og de gåder, det indeholder – disse elementer er afgørende for en tilfredsstillende oplevelse. Det er yderst relevant at undersøge anbefalinger og anmeldelser for at sikre, at kvaliteten lever op til forventningerne. Kundeservice og faciliteternes standard spiller ligeledes en rolle i valget af det optimale Escape Room, hvor detaljer og finesse i udførelsen er med til at fuldende den immersive oplevelse.

Sværhedsgrader for alle

LOCKED Escape Rooms i Aarhus er designet til at imødekomme og udfordre deltagere på tværs af forskellige evneniveauer og erfaringer. Ved at tilbyde forskellige sværhedsgrader, sikrer man, at både nybegyndere og erfarne spillere kan finde passende udfordringer.

Det betyder, at grupper kan vælge et scenario, der passer til deres samlede erfaring og forventet intensitet. For nybegyndere og familier kan escape rooms med en lettere sværhedsgrad give en overkommelig og sjov første oplevelse, mens dedikerede entusiaster kan gå efter de mest kryptiske og avancerede scenarier, hvor de virkelig får sat deres problemløsningsevner på prøve.

Om LOCKED Aarhus

Locked Escape Room Aarhus er beliggende lige midt i Aarhus C – faktisk kun 200 meter fra Bruuns Galleri og Banegården. Selvom vi er placeret helt centralt er vi ikke gået på kompromis med lokalerne. Faktisk har LOCKED Aarhus hele 420 stemningsfyldte kvadratmeter. LOCKED overtog lokalerne i 2021 og ombyggede lokalerne komplet. Tidligere er lokaler anvendt til fitnesscenter, men i dag huser lokalerne 7 spændende Escape Rooms, som skal sikre familie, venner og kollegaer nogle gode oplevelser. I lokalerne er der gode loungeområder, hvor gæsterne kan hygge sig før og efter selve Escape Room oplevelsen.

LOCKED has come to Aarhus to raise the bar for Escape Rooms and show Aarhusians what a complete Escape Room experience should be - visit us and see for yourself why Locked is Denmark's best Escape Room.

We want you to feel completely safe when you visit LOCKED, which is why our Escape Rooms always have several emergency exits so that you can always leave the room if you need to. Furthermore, all our Escape Rooms are monitored by our instructors, ensuring that everything is always as it should be.

We have collected over 1300 5-star reviews, so you can safely book an appointment at LOCKED Escape Room Aarhus - we guarantee a great experience!

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