Escape Rooms in Holstebro

- 3 escape rooms in Holstebro city center

In Holstebro we have a total of 3 Escape Rooms with 3 different themes: The Undead, S.W.A.T & Kidnapped. You can read more about our Escape Room themes at the bottom of the page.
LOCKED is located right in the center of Holstebro and has received 5/5 stars on TripAdvisor.


Escape Room price

2 persons = 250 kr. / person

3 persons = 225 kr. / person

4 persons = 200 kr./person

5 people = 175 kr. / person

6 people = 175 kr. / person

+6 people = 2 Escape Rooms


Opening hours

See available times in the booking system below


Østergade 18 (1st floor), Holstebro



Read more about our Themes below:

Escape Room Holstebro


"You have volunteered to be test subjects at the hospital, as you have unfortunately been infected with the terrible zombie virus. Scientists have been working for a long time to find an antidote, but without success - at least until now... because the vaccine that has been tested on you seems to work! Meanwhile, the entire community has collapsed and the hospital is now overrun with zombies.
It's now up to you and your group to escape."

Escape Room Holstebro


"You wake up in a dark basement. Clotted blood sticks to your hair and only a faint red light spreads in a small basement room. You try to take a step into the room, only to find that your right hand is restrained by handcuffs. In the corner of the room you see a digital clock that starts counting down from 60 minutes - the game is on and the fight for survival has begun..."

Escape Room Holstebro


"The police have just arrested one of Denmark's biggest drug lords. After the arrest, however, he laughed mockingly and wished you good luck... A time bomb will go off in 60 minutes and remove all evidence! Your task is therefore to quickly and efficiently secure the evidence and disarm the bomb - which seems to be more complicated than that."


Escape Room Holstebro

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Østergade 18, Holstebro

Frequently asked questions


Can children participate?

Yes, children can participate with adults. However, the atmosphere in our Escape Rooms can be a bit dark and there may be theatrical blood (depending on the theme). We don't have a minimum age for children, but we recommend that children are at least 10 years old when accompanied by adults.

However, without adult participants on the team, children must be at least 15 years old.

Can we have a maximum of 6 people?

Yes and no - you can have a maximum of 6 people in an Escape Room, so if you are 7 people, for example, just split into two teams.

What language is it in?

The game is in English but with Danish subtitles on the video elements that appear.


Find answers to more questions on our FAQ page:

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Escape Room Holstebro