Escape Rooms at the prison

- A fun activity for families and friends!

An Escape Room can be compared to a movie theater experience - but instead of sitting back in your chair, you and your team actively participate. You have to solve tasks and challenges to eventually escape the room.

VAT included


Escape Room price

2 persons = 250 kr. / person

3 persons = 225 kr. / person

4 persons = 200 kr./person

5 people = 175 kr. / person

6 people = 175 kr. / person

(+6 people = 2 Escape Rooms)



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The Undead

Background History

The Undead

"You have volunteered to be test subjects at the hospital, as you have unfortunately been infected with the terrible zombie virus. Scientists have been working for a long time to find an antidote, but without success - at least until now... because the vaccine that has been tested on you seems to work! Meanwhile, the entire community has collapsed and the hospital is now overrun with zombies.
It's now up to you and your group to escape.

NOTE: A more child-friendly version without scare effects is available
(just inform your instructor on arrival if you want the child-friendly version).
Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Difficulty: 80%.
  • Scare Factor: 50 - 70% (adjustable)
  • Fun Factor: 100%.
Escape Room Horsens


Background History


"You are secret agents on a critical mission to stop the private security firm, Alpha Security, from selling state secrets around the world. Agent Helena Kane has been undercover at the security firm and has laid out the plan for you to break through their security systems and surveillance. She's gotten you a window in an hour. Time is short!"

This is an action Escape Room where children can also participate. However, children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Difficulty: 55%.
  • Scare Factor: 40%.
  • Fun Factor: 100%.
Escape Room Horsens

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Escape Room Horsens

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Frequently asked questions


Can children participate?

Yes, children can participate with adults. However, the atmosphere in our Escape Rooms can be a bit dark and there may be theatrical blood (depending on the theme). We don't have a minimum age for children, but we recommend that children are at least 10 years old.

Can we have a maximum of 6 people?

Yes and no - you can have a maximum of 6 people in an Escape Room, so if you are, for example, 7 people, simply split into two teams. We have several identical Escape Rooms, so you can compete directly against each other.

What language is it in?

The game is in English but with Danish subtitles on the video elements that appear.


Løvens Hule success opens at FÆNGSLET: LOCKED Escape Room in Horsens

FÆNGSLET has teamed up with the successful company LOCKED from Løvens Hule and is now opening brand new Escape Rooms in Horsens.

FÆNGSLET guarantees great experiences, and now, in collaboration with LOCKED, the experience company can also offer a fun and challenging activity for families, friends and colleagues - Escape Rooms.

"We are very much looking forward to opening the new Escape Rooms together with Locked. It is obvious to break out of an escape room in a former prison, so together with Locked we can now invite you inside for another special experience," says Culture and Event Manager, Nana Renée Andersen.

"We are very excited about the collaboration. FÆNGSLET has the perfect surroundings to create the right atmosphere for our new Escape Room concept," says co-founder of LOCKED Martin Høeg.

On May 27th, the doors will open to the new Escape Rooms, where guests will be locked inside shipping containers and within an hour, they will have to solve a series of puzzles to get free.

"During corona, we had plenty of time to think about how we could take Escape Rooms to a higher and unprecedented level in Denmark. In short, we have implemented our Escape Rooms in the world's largest shipping containers. It has been our biggest investment to date and the result is the best Escape Rooms we have ever made. We are very excited ourselves, and fortunately, our tests show that our guests agree," says Martin Høeg.

LOCKED participated in Løvens Hule in 2021, where they got Mia Wagner and Jan Lehrmann as investors.

"It's crazy how big a 40-foot container feels inside with the right layout. The new container setup is really an exciting opportunity for scaling. It enables us to meet the demand for Escape Rooms in Horsens in a very flexible way, combined with the containers' super high quality of experience," says Jan Lehrmann.

The new Escape Rooms are ideal for friends and families for bachelor parties or companies that want to supplement their conference experience at FÆNGSLET with team building.

LOCKED is Denmark's largest provider of Escape Rooms and, in addition to the upcoming branch in Horsens, has 8 Escape Room branches in Denmark (Aarhus, Odense, Kolding, Randers, Herning, Holstebro, Esbjerg and Søndervig

LOCKED & FÆNGSLET opens the new Escape Rooms on May 27th - all available times can be viewed and booked via both FÆNGSLET and LOCKED's websites.