Escape Rooms in Herning

- 7 escape rooms in total with 6 different themes

In Herning we have a total of 7 Escape Rooms, divided into 6 different themes: The Undead, Crime Scene, Prison Break, Zodiac, Undercover and Jigsaw. Come and visit our 700 m2 indoor Escape Room universe.
You can read more about our Escape Room themes at the bottom of the page.

Pricing (LOW)

Escape Room price

5-6 people = 175 kr. / person

4 people = 200 kr. / person

3 persons = 225 kr. / person

2 persons = 250 kr. / person

+6 people = 2 Escape Rooms


Pricing (PEAK)

Escape Room price

5-6 people = 199 kr. / person

4 people = 245 kr. / person

3 persons = 275 kr. / person

2 persons = 300 kr. / person

+6 people = 2 Escape Rooms


Opening hours

See available times in the booking system below

Monday: Open by appointment only

Tuesday - Wednesday: (Low prices)

Thursday: (Mixed pricing)

Friday: (Mixed pricing)

Saturday: (Peak prices)

Sunday: (Low prices)

Our prices start from 175 kr/person. - Prices vary depending on whether you want to visit us at the most popular times or if you choose to visit us at one of the less popular times.



Read more about our Themes below:

Escape Room Herning


"You have volunteered to be test subjects at the hospital, as you have unfortunately been infected with the terrible zombie virus. Scientists have been working for a long time to find an antidote, but without success - at least until now... because the vaccine that has been tested on you seems to work! Meanwhile, the entire community has collapsed and the hospital is now overrun with zombies.
It's now up to you and your group to escape."

The theme 'The Undead' can be booked in all our branches. 

Escape Room Herning


"In recent months, several women have been found murdered and abandoned at rest stops. You and your police team have been stumped, but you've just received an anonymous tip. The tip leads you to a crime scene that turns out to hold a terrible secret..."

The theme 'Crime Scene' can be booked in Aarhus, Odense, Herning, Kolding and Randers.

Escape Room Herning


"The Zodiac is back. You are trapped by the serial killer and escape is your only chance of survival. Can you and your group escape the Zodiac's hideout in time? You have 60 minutes to escape so you don't end up slaves in paradise."

The 'Zodiac' theme can be booked in Aarhus and Herning.

Escape Room Herning


"You and your fellow inmates' criminal past has finally landed you in prison. Unfortunately, you've also landed in the private prison 'Willoway', a notoriously bad place with poor conditions where prisoners are mistreated for profit. But there might be a chance to escape... if you're willing to take it."

The theme 'Prison Break' can be booked in Odense and Herning.

Escape Room Herning


"You are secret agents on a critical mission to stop the private security firm, Alpha Security, from selling state secrets around the world. Agent Helena Kane has been undercover at the security firm and has laid out the plan for you to break through their security systems and surveillance. She's gotten you a window in an hour. Time is short!"

Temaet ‘Undercover’ er i Herning, Aarhus, Aalborg, Horsens og Roskilde.


Escape Room Herning


"You wake up chained in a dark tiled room. Suddenly a TV turns on and a mysterious doll appears. You are part of a game - a game of survival..."


The theme 'Jigsaw' can be booked in Herning.


Contact us


Godsbanevej 7, Herning

Frequently asked questions


Can children participate?

Yes, children can participate with adults. However, the atmosphere in our Escape Rooms can be a bit dark and there may be theatrical blood (depending on the theme). We don't have a minimum age for children, but we recommend that children are at least 10 years old when accompanied by adults.

However, without adult participants on the team, children must be at least 15 years old.

Can we have a maximum of 6 people?

Yes and no - you can have a maximum of 6 people in an Escape Room, so if you are 7 people, for example, just split into two teams.

What language is it in?

The game is in English but with Danish subtitles on the video elements that appear.


Find answers to more questions on our FAQ page:

About LOCKED Escape Room Herning:

Welcome to LOCKED in Herning, where we offer exciting and challenging escape room experiences. Our mission is to give our guests an unforgettable experience, which is why we have carefully designed our 6 unique themes: Jigsaw, The Undead, Crime Scene, Zodiac, Undercover and Prison Break. Our escape rooms are ideal for an entertaining day out with friends and family, or as an effective team building activity in the workplace.

What is an escape room?

Escape rooms have become a very popular activity for families, friends and colleagues alike. In an escape room, your team is challenged to solve tasks and puzzles under time pressure. Together, a team of 2-6 people must work to solve the tasks and escape the room or complete the mission within a 60-minute time frame. Success requires good communication and teamwork, and our escape rooms are designed to provide a unique and exciting experience. We have different themes that have been carefully selected to give you a varied and challenging experience every time you visit us.

What do we offer in Herning?

Our escape rooms in Herning are designed to challenge our guests in different ways. In "Jigsaw" you must try to escape a crazed serial killer. In "The Undead" you have to survive a zombie apocalypse. In Crime Scene, solve a crime. "In Prison Break, escape from prison. In Zodiac, escape from the serial killer's hideout. In Undercover, as a group of agents, you must stop Alpha Security from selling state secrets. Each theme is carefully designed to give you a unique experience. We also have a lounge area where you can relax while waiting for your team or enjoy a drink after your escape room experience.

Why choose LOCKED escape room in Herning?

At LOCKED escape room Herning, we place great emphasis on our guests' experience. Our escape rooms are carefully designed with attention to detail, and our team of instructors make sure you get the best experience. Our reception and lounge area is decorated in an atmosphere that aims to contribute to the overall experience.

Other activities in Herning:

If you are looking for other fun activities in Herning, you can visit our neighbors Terminalen, which has one of Denmark's largest skate rinks(/Terminalen/) or our next-door neighbor Padeltennis(/padellouge/). Alternatively, you can explore Herning's many shops and restaurants.

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