Safety and security


As of February 1, 2022, masks and corona passports are no longer required.

Safety in Escape Rooms

At Locked, we've got safety covered! For example, when it comes to fire safety, this means that our Escape Rooms are built according to the current fire safety requirements (read more below).

Fire safety

Our Escape Rooms are built according to current fire safety requirements and approved by a certified fire safety advisor (see video). This means that our rooms are equipped with fire alarms, emergency lighting and illuminated escape route signs that will guide you to the nearest emergency exit in the event of a fire or power failure. Our Escape Rooms are also equipped with a panic button that can be used in case of claustrophobia or discomfort, which will stop the game and automatically open the exit door. Furthermore, all our Escape Rooms are monitored and our staff are trained in fire procedures to ensure a quick evacuation.