Escape Rooms er for alle – både familier, venner og kollegaer


Ønsker du at give din familie en anderledes og sjov oplevelse? – Så er Escape Rooms det rette valg. Hvert enkelt familiemedlem vil blive udfordret, og I skal samarbejde for at løse opgaven.


Vil du give dine venner en anderledes og sjov udfordring? – Så forslå dem at besøge “Locked”. Her vil jeres samarbejdsevne blive sat på prøve og I vil lære hinanden endnu bedre at kende.



Har I brug for at blive rystet sammen på din arbejdsplads? – Så er Escape Rooms en ideel aktivitet. I vil blive udfordret og vil være nød til at samarbejde for at opnå det bedste resultat.

”We was 5 friend in Kidnapped! Awesome evening, really fun and without a doubt 5***** worth!” 

Katrine Damgaard

“Really cool place where it is possible to try some new challenges. The Escape Rooms is well designed and all in all a very cool experience. Highly recommended.”

Jesper Jacobsen

”So much fun! We were 5 adults and we can’t wait to come back again.”
Jonas Nedergaard

“Wow. Just returned from a girl night out at Locked. You get totally stoked afterwards. Cool scenarios, details and puzzles. We will definitely be back to try the other rooms.”

Lisbeth Olesen

”Scary – and every penny worth! Highly recommended. Both for kinds and adults.”

Chris Anton Kristensen

“It was really fun, you get through a lot of puzzles! My friend and I was all terrified by all the sound effects and surprises. I will definitely recommend it – all the money worth. We will be back.” 

Laura Mørch


All our Escape Rooms are developed with a focus on teamwork. Therefore, you will need to cooperate if you want to succeed in this “game”



You will experience an atmosphere which will make you and your group focus 100%. We guarantee an exciting activity!


A visit to Locked will surely be a fun experience which will bring you closer together.